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tug of war game is akin to struggling in life

pull, push, fight, connive, invent, re-invent, copy-paste, cut-paste... whatever the methods... striving is in an integral part of human life. every day, every moment.
photo clicked in dec 2006: pre-annual events in college: tug-of-war
note to self: ad: steel studio: interim jury

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quintarantino said...

Who won? Or did they both loose?

Matthieu said...

I randomly bet that the right team won.

Southern Heart said...

That photo said "fun" to me! :) I guess that the back-and-forth of life fascinates me...I'm not too much on "static". Enjoy college for all that it is! BTW, I loved how your blog name is there amidst the struggle.

Andrea said...

I am exhausted just watching them strain.

As for your question on my blog, I do not "go" to work. I take care of my 4 year old grandson while his parents work. But yes, I have more time on Sunday mornings to enjoy a sunrise.

Pat said...

I found myself staring at the photo trying to figure out who won! Please come and tell us who won?


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Daniel J Santos said...

Lots of fun, nice...
With Images

Katie J said...

They have a good pull going on there. Nearly everyone is wearing blue jeans. The team in the background do not have far to go back any further without stepping into the bushes! So I wonder who won!
Would love to know how you get your pictures to come up so big on the blog without having to click on them Kunal?

Anonymous said...

this snap really makes me want to know which team won.i can see the effort,excitement and the fun!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Interesting that they call it a tug of WAR! And so much of the time, people seem unnecessarily pitted against each other.

I'm glad you wrote about the blog title. Still, I think there is something mindful in seeing. Especially in seeing well, which you do.

Sally said...

Was this your college class?

Tug of war is somehow so traditional, so Indian....and used to be a feature of every primary school sports day here!

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