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birthday cake

birthday cake by teacher for students

one of our design professors (but that's too formal a word for this person) celebrated his birthday today, and we kind of forced him to get cake. (its quite simple do this: get a group of 35+ people who sing 'happy birthday' on top of their voices, and then immediately break into a '
cake-cake-cake' jingle once the birthday song is complete)
the cake said "for my hard working students"; that left us wondering if we should suffix a "ly" to "hard". "hardly" may be more appropriate for us...

happy birthday kalpit, and best wishes for the year ahead!
this birthday celebration had nothing to do with the birthday in the earlier post.

4 reactions:

Andrea said...

Yum, I want a slice of that cake. Looks delicious....well, it is chocolate.

Matthieu said...

It looks like a yummy cake. I hope that you enjoyed :)

Sally said...

Now, i like the tradition of making the birthday person provide the cake - when I worked as a teacher in Turkey, youhandd round chocolates or cake when it was your birthday.

Isadora said...

WOW, he had to get the cake for you?? In the US and in Hungary it is the others who collectively purchase a cake for the person having the birthday. It looks yummy in any case!

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