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up there

shastri nagar, lokhandwala complex

fruits of sewage

see this snap on flickr here.

inspite of having lived in mumbai all my life, the city still springs up a surprise now and then.

for the annuals, in the painting workshop our agenda was to document via a painting (eventually drawn along the walls, soffit and floors of the main stairwell of the college bldg) activities that happen along the oshiwara river. what was once a river is now a nullah (a very wide, usually open gutter / sewer line, meant to collect only rain water from the strom water drains, but ends up with a lot of sewage and waste dumped into it).

we walked along the 'banks' of our 'river' , passing through a Christian crematorium, Muslim kabristan, a Hindu shamshan ghat, clusters of slums, low income group housing, high density unorganised industrial units and galas, disputed land ownerships, a marriage hall, and even land with methi, palak and chowli cultivation!

found this tree at the end of a long day spent walking through the above. it was in an industrial gala, at the very edge of the plot, abutting the compound wall which separated the nullah from the premises. couldn't believe my eyes to see this bountiful tree right next to a highly polluted, smelly and black coloured river of waste.

in some ways it shows the resilient nature of life in mumbai. come what may, life here will no just survive, but blossom, as in this case!

more about the experience of walking along a nallah, here
and this pic on flickr here

self assurance: you are not stupid

after the terrorist attacks in the city, these posters came up in the BEST buses. i quite like them.

what will you discover ?

at hyperciti, malad

mumbai seems to have taken to malls as a fish takes to water. malls have been springing up all over the city.

prevention is better than cure

indian oil nagar society on jp road seems to be taking precautions against rain water with a low height buffer wall across their unused gate; must have learnt from last two years experience.

pink on green

apne hutch bill ka cheque yahaan dalein

the new hutch boxes in BEST buses. BEST seems to be doing everything possible to boost their revenue. i like it!

fluoroscent green - so the driver doesn't miss it

at juhu circle bus stop

first b&w

road between nani's society and krvia, juhu scheme

JVPD was a planned suburb, and has a series of parallel roads running in the north-south direction. perpendicular to these roads are the east-west roads. all the roads are shady, thanks to the numerous trees.

i am not so sure whether photos taken on BW mode of digital cameras can be called black and white photography

rock, sand, water

at versova beach in the evening (i love the fine line separating the wet sand from the dry part)
shot on dusk/dawn mode

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stomach 2

at stomach II, seven bungalows

stomach is a really popular chinese eatery in this area. their sauces are specially yum, and they sell them in bottles too.


can you guess what this picture is of?

its the lighting on risers of steps leading to the seats, infiniti mall, lokhandwala. amongst my best shots.

see this pic on flickr here

pop culture elements - ii

parked scooters at andheri station
pics taken for 'transient landmarks' - architectural design project, second year, jun - aug 2005
photo clicked at andheri (west) station road's two-wheeler parking stretch

pop culture elements

cloth bags for sale at parle station

pics taken for 'transient landmarks' - architectural design project, second year, jun - aug 2005
photo clicked at parle (west) station road

how do you feel today?

at dr. asif ali's clinic, yari road

mandapeshwar caves

pic shot by kiran

one of the 5 rock-cut caves in mumbai. mandapeshwar caves are just 50 m away from a busy road, and yet most people are ignorant about their existance.

more about these caves here

great indian peninsula railway, 1921

on a column at sandhurst road station

for the 180+ who died in the mumbai blasts

god bless each and every one of them

bus scrubbers

wadala (anik) bus depot, wadala

till the time i saw these, i had never given a thought to how best buses are cleaned

cindrella's castle

entrance to truck terminal, wadala

pebbled speed-breaker

at bhakti complex, imax adlabs, wadala

chimneys & greens

on way to imax dome theatre, wadala

past midnight, wet road, warm light

12:30 am in shastri nagar, lokhandwala. there was only a dog for company.

off colaba causeway

in one of the dark alleys that branch off from the main causeway

see this pic on flickr here

gilbert hill

on the face of it, mumbai may not seem to have many ecological and natural wonders. ofcourse there is the national park, but there are also rivers, creeks, mud flats, mangroves a 65 million years old monolith.

gilbert hill in andheri stands over 90 m high, and has finally been declared a heritage monument. more about the hill here
and the first pic on flickr here

at irla

a deserted, abandoned bungalow, at s v road, off irla

orange leaves

a blossoming fiery-orange tree in a temple courtyard in irla


mumbaikars love boxed grills around their windows. its specially interesting to note the variety of objects that find their way into this grilled space outside each house

mankhurd flyover

one of the many flyovers built to try and ease the vehicular traffic in the city.


mannequin at a shopping centre in 4 bungalows, andheri

train snaps - approaching cst

the local railways are mumbai's lifelines, transporting millions of commuters to and fro, between their offices and homes. this turn is just before the harbour line enters cst station

all decked up

a bus at yari road bus depot

BEST is probably the country's best public bus service. if you don't see a red bus on mumbai's streets, then something is wrong, very very wrong. be careful.

when the harbour crosses over the western

this is the bridge via which the harbour line crosses over the western line, so as to move along the eastern edge of the island city. this is just before bandra station

dn road @ 11:15 pm

while returning home from my 2nd yr internship office (indian architect and builder), on the d n road divider

people crossing - churchgate

with many businesses still concentrated in south mumbai, these areas are teeming with people during office hours. i took this shot while waiting in a cab at a signal.

the two men in the middle are shading their eyes against the sun light!