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evening hues

evening hues in mumbai by kunal bhatia

the sky had a very sun-set-ty feel to it today, with all warm shades of oranges and browns. this is from the balcony. the twi strong lines that cut across the photo are of the bamboo scaffolding.

i wish i had better words to go along with the pic, but im so very tired. 'nite.

standing tall

layers of soil and tree roots in mumbai by kunal bhatia

rock, layers of soil, roots, a tree that's still standing, sheeting and an apartment building; all seen from the depth of a construction site @ carmichael road


photo id: 10706

library in a rick

books in a auto rickshaw in mumbai by kunal bhatia

saw this rickshaw while stuck in traffic on juhu-versova link road. on the rear side of the driver's seat was this stack of books, in hindi as well as english. haven't seen any other rick like this before. i was wondering about the kind of books he would keep in here. i can't make out any of the titles, except on; which reads: 'self evolution'. nothing like a quick read while stuck in the traffic, eh?

what friends are for

queer azaadi march (gay pride) in august 2008 in mumbai india

at the queer azadi march, mumbai's first GLBT pride march. article coming up soon.


rakhis for raksha bandhan for sale in mumbai by kunal bhatia

today is rakhi / raksha bandhan. for those who didn't get the last three words, here are a few links about the festival: a, b and c. (the links btw, are the first ones that google threw up, i have no idea about the content on those pages.) as with most of the festivals that we celebrate, there are many adaptations, permutations, explanations etc with this one too. conventionally, the 'ritual' involves a sister tying a thread on to her brother's hand (raksha - protection; bandhan - bond), it's supposed to symbolise the sister praying for the brother's well being, and the brother in turn 'protecting' his sister. speaking of adaptations, one part of my family has a tradition of daughter's tying rakhis to their father

what it boils down to for us, is to spend a few hours with the cousins, whom we other wise rarely meet; get a couple of rakhis, while hoping that none of them are outlandish (the simpler ones with just a few beads, and a monochrome red colour thread are way nicer!), have a hearty breakfast and get going with the day.

and, havelis deck up the lord, with rakhis on his hand too. btw, i didn't post yesterday, but what i want to do the next independence day is to borrow some one's camera phone, and click a photo in the haveli at juhu. the gods wear the indian flag colours on independence day!


chairs laid out for a gathering in mumbai, india by kunal bhatia
i made up my mind on an important issue today. and it's going to be executed over the next week. as of now, all i can do is wait. it's kind of unfair that some people have to go through this process.


photo clicked in jan this year, in sabri; there was some gathering, and all the chairs and tables were laid out for it

photo id: 10604

all the way up

repair work on a residential building in mumbai by kunal bhatiathe society where we are put up at is undergoing some repair work. the ropes in the image are used along with a pulley to manually hoist up buckets of cement to plaster the external walls. the workers use the bamboo scaffolding to move on the sides of the building.

shot on macro mode

theme day :: metal

scrapyard in oshiwara, mumbai by kunal bhatia
hey all, mindless mumbai is back after nearly two months; and what better way to get back to city-daily-photo than to start with a 'theme day'. though this one is a few days late, it's here :)

this one was clicked at a scrap yard somewhere in oshiwara or jogeshwari. we were there for a college workshop that required us to walk along a nallah (a large drain). more about the workshop here.