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cinema hall

single screen cinema, chandan theatre in juhu scheme mumbai

we went to chandan today, to watch a movie. chandan is amongst the few single-screen cinema halls left in this part of mumbai. everywhere, single-screen halls are being redeveloped into multiplexes with malls, food courts et all. while they do provide more "comforts" and choices, it all comes at a very hefty ticket; and nothing beats chandan's prices for budgeted college students. also for some reason i feel each single-screen cinema hall has an identity of its own, while the multiplexes simply look like clones of each other, with jazzy forms made of glass, steel and colourful polycarbonate.
some readers have been enquiring about the term 'mindless' in mindless mumbai. i've given my explanation in a brief description of the blog on the RHS frame
inspiration to add mindless mumbai's web address to each photo, and to try and disguise it within the imagery comes from not a secret blog by quin[tarantino]

5 reactions:

Katie J said...

I agree it is good to have cinemas with character. This one looks great. Mind you I do like the more comfortable seats in the multiplexes and also the fact that the tiers are higher and you do not have to worry about someone blocking your view.

Andrea said...

It is sad how much it costs to see a movie in a theater now. I like the colors in your picture.

quintarantino said...

This seems to be an amazing theatre.
And I loved the way you putted your web address on the photo.
Of course, I think you are much to kind by letting people know about my poor photo project. Thank you very much.

Daniel J Santos said...

Interesting theater...

Thank you for your visit to the "With Images", I'm going to link you there.

Sally said...

Lovely homage to something that will no doubt disappear altogether in the reletless homogenisation of everything, as everywhere.

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