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key duplicater in 4 bungalows by kunal bhatia

at 4-bungalows junction while on way to college. thats a sign for a key maker / duplicater below which these guys were hanging around. im thinking of introducing a new label that would be called: "wallah". there are already photos of a bhaji-wallah, mewad ice-cream wallah, newspaper-wallah, rickshaw-wallahs and even a band wallah. what do you'll think?
for the non-hindi speaking browser: wallah is a sort of suffix added to any occupation. so a guy selling flowers would become phool-wallah (where phool = flowers), and a lot our lives revolves around many of these wallahs, right from the dhoodh-wallah (milk man) in the mornings to istri-wallah (the guys who irons clothes) in the evening.
chabi = key
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flats on sale sign in mumbai by kunal bhatia
at juhu versova link road. half of yari road seems to be house hunting. and good old laid back yari road is on its way to become high rise, overtly conscious, loud music loving lokhandwala
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posting after a week. just got done with a major jury, which for the record was a no-jury. exams from next week, got to open books this week.... sighs....



can you spot 2 pieces? the longer one in the right hand's fingers, and a shorter one that's just been cut and is flying off at the back
shot possible by freezing a video.
want to write more, but too much work to do.

refuge floor

refuge floor under construction in mumbai by kunal bhatia

the curved profile jutting out is the refuge floor on the 8th level of the building. the temporary bamboo platform created below it is giving the structure a very heavy-duty monstrous appearance.

urban slice

mumbai residential buildings by kunal bhatia

i opened a usually-always closed window at home, and peeped way out on the left, balancing myself on the sill, and this what i found. "urban slice" is what instantaneously came to my mind

holi hai

holi colours and baloons by kunal bhatia

today and tomorrow is holi (a hindu festival of colours), and all the shops are stocked up with water guns, water balloons and of course the powdered colours. inspite of all the new colours, i think gulal still works best
(gulal is a shade of pink / red)
wishing everyone a fantastic holi!

jhoot bole - kaua kaate

whats the worst thing that one can do, when one knows that one is wrong? :: not admit it
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mason asleep on bricks in mumbai, by kunal bhatia
the delivery truck brought in the bricks, and a very sleepy worker!
another photo on similar lines, here

raw mangoes

raw mangoes by kunal bhatia
mangoes are here, well almost here. had the seasons first aam-ras today, though it was a market-one, not the home made one. the home made ras tastes infinitely better. this is a photo from last summer, kaccha kairis grown by nana. we couldn't wait till they would ripen as passer bys would pluck them off the tree with a stone / ball. but the kairis made for yummy pickles!
aam-ras = mango pulp; relished along with puris. puris are, well, a sort of fried bread?
kazccha kairis = raw mangoes
seems like i forgot to add 'mindless mumbai' to this photo...
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flora fountain mumbai being refilled, by kunal bhatia

every now and then i question whether this blog ought to show more of the 'touristy' mumbai: the famous buildings, beaches, religious spots etc. but then this would become like most other collection of the city's photos. (to be honest, i've already posted a lot of such shots).

but the last couple of posts have been very, what shall i say, they've been frames that are quite cut off from their surroundings. could they have been shots from any other city?

anyway, with that in mind, i was going through the photos on the computer; but i still didn't want a very postcard photo. so, i settled for this one. its flora fountain at fort. more about the fountain here. notice the truck in the background on the right? that's refilling water into the fountain on a hot summers day.! shot this some time in may last year.

i like such shots where a bit of value-addition to the over-seen-visuals of places / objects is present. i also think that the fragments that i was talking about earlier actually count for the uniqueness of each place. i just don't know what happens when they're framed in complete isolation of their surroundings. what do you'll think? am i making any sense?

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lone worker

mason by night by kunal bhatia
another one of the neighbouring building; this guy is laying a brick wall.
previous post, on similar lines here

golden leaves

tree by night by kunal bhatia
a tree, under a street light
previous photos shot at night on the streets:
walkathon ; past midnight, wet road, warm light ; dn road @ 11:15 pm ; lighting up the dark
thanks for continuing to visit mindless mumbai
post title changed from "yellow leaves" to "golden leaves" on srivashist sekar's suggestion


news paper vendors distributing the day's stock into various piles, before they're delivered to homes. pic taken at andheri station on a sunday morning. these guys sit on the wide footpath outside mac donalds; wonder what happens on weekdays when the street gets crowded by 6:30 in the morning.
this was amongst the first photos i clicked with my digital camera, some two years ago!
printed a construction sheet on an imperial paper for the first time today, realised a lot of problems!

look inside

pipe within pipe by kunal bhatia

didnt know what to post today. found this pic in some folder. its always good to look within oneself, isn't it?
these are hume pipes, if i'm not mistaken

cross currents

meter room by kunal bhatia

sparks are flying all around...

brick, concrete and shuttering

under construction building by night by kunal bhatia
the neighbouring under construction building is offering interesting photo-ops with the lighting and the texture of the materials.
previous post of the same building here
haven't been regular with posting due to college work, and the coming days seem to be as tight. this btw is the 175th photo on mindless mumbai!

rickshaw sign #3

sign in a rickshaw by kunal bhatia

sign in a rickshaw:
phool hai, gulab ka khushboo liya karo
gaadi hai, garib ka kiraya diya karo

it translates to:
if its a flower, take in the scent of the rose
if its a rick, pay the fare to the poor

i didn't quite get the lines though; its not as if in mumbai you need to haggle with the rickshaw drivers about the fare; unlike in bangalore.

previous photos about signs in ricks: a rather confusing one here and another one here

bicycle art

bicycle art

this bicycle is propped up against this wall for weeks now. why? i'm not so sure. maybe its not usable anymore and the owner hasnt found a sny scrap dealer willing to buy it. or maybe its a fun way to park a bike. or maybe the owner / creator wanted to try his / her hand at an art installation? i don't know.
the green tone hasn't been added later on, its thanks to the polycarbonate sheets that cover the place. photo shot outside vidyanidhi school's canteen, juhu

your future, now

palmist in mumbai by kunal bhatia
this sign is prominently displayed on a pavement in the "art district" of kala ghoda.
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under construction building at night in mumbai by kunal bhatia

posting after 4-5 days. college work is crazy. found the lighting in the adjoining under-construction building quite photo-genic. satisfied with a shot, after a long time.

theme day: graffiti or street mural

mumbai naval dockyard wall painting by kunal bhatia

today is theme day at daily city photo blog. march's theme is city graffiti / murals. while mumbai doesn't have too much grafitti (all the bills and ads compensate for it, in a way); there is this painting on the navy dockyard wall in south mumbai. another view of it, posted around two weeks agao is here. and thanks to g_mirage of vienna daily photo, for suggesting that it could be mindless mumbai's march theme day entry.
there are 144 blogs from around the world participating in this theme day. i'm not visiting blogs, coz of too much work on my hands; but you could take a trip around the globe:
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