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kids playing with kittens in mumbai

these kids were having a whale of a time playing with the kittens, and were all smiles for the camera. the day has been quite productive, and i'm feeling good :)
photo clicked at the base of gilbert hill, andheri
see this photo on flickr here
design class and thesis discussion, both went well; the design project is moving on the right track, while thesis discussions are helping formulate plan-of-action for the next month
and, mindless mumbai has now had over 3000 visitors. thanks everyone!

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Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Cute picture, tiny kittens! Very nice. Why MINDLESS? You seem mindful.

Seeing 101 was a group project with some friends and everyone seems to have lost interest. We now are working on Photique 2008--but that one doesn't have quite the same emphasis. COme see us there and see what you think, or at any of the Photiques.

If you want to join SEEING 101 blog is could be revived, let me know.

Anonymous said...

well sorry to say but the mindless picture has a full-meaning behind it man... that makes it mindful for sure.... the bond of love for animals... thou stray or domestic or wild, its indifferent.. but the love for another "co-creature" on the earth surface... (seen in ur pic)is what matters and that too small kids of not more than 10 yrs...

lovely shot.... rated as 8/10 for its sense of gravity, its meaning, its jovial feel, its tenderness...and innocence...well enough of my saying...and not least ur photographic skill, the right time a best capture....

NB: the kid without incisor teeth and wearing the"TENNIS" Tee shirt is the best of all!!


Marie said...

Beautiful kids, but poor little kittens...

Andrea said...

Awwww, the kittens are so cute. And the boys are quite cute also.

Matthieu said...

Nice shot.

J.C. said...

The children really enjoy the company of the kittens! Can feel it from their expressions!

Anonymous said...

please do not watermark these pages with the blog address!
they are very beautiful pictures, you are just killing them!

Sally said...

I love the sense of joy emanating from those children. I hope they look after the kittens!

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