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rickshaw driver

auto rickshaw tuk tuk driver in mumbai night shot man by kunal bhatia
rickshaw driver.. catching a moment's respite?

DN road downpour

mumabi monsoons falling water downpour on DN road arcade by kunal bhatia urban photographer Downpour along DN Road.

morning moves

dancer practising dance moves on juhu beach indian film industry bollywood is based in mumbai by photographer blogger kunal bhatia
Practising the latest(?) dance moves one fine morning, at Juhu Beach. He was completely engrossed and danced along the edge of the water for a good two hundred metres or so.

of freeways, highrises and mangroves

view of palm beach road from high rise skyscraper in sanpada, navi mumbai by mumbai photographer kunal bhatia

From the Mumbaiscapes series. This one is taken at Sanpada in Navi Mumbai, and the wide road cutting across the image is the Palm Beach Road. To its left are the high rises of Navi Mumbai's "Marine Drive", as the locals like to call it. To the right are the large swathes of mangroves that buffer the land from the sea. The road ensures that residents never interact with the mangroves, and have to be content with their views from their apartments instead.

morning read

brahmin priest holy man from banaganga sacred tank reading, by mumbai photographer kunal bhatia

Local priest at Banganga. After his morning rituals, he settled on his porch with the day's newspaper.

by the beach

minimal simple photo of standing man and woman on juhu beach in mumbai india by mumbai photographer kunal bhatia

Father and daughter on Juhu Beach.

morning watch

south mumbai traffic police watching street early morning dawn by kunal bhatia mumbai india daily photo blog

a constable from the mumbai traffic police overlooking bandobast (arrangements) for an event in south mumbai.