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class meetings... and their necessity

class meetings in architecture college krvia

most of the airtel ads have a theme that's based on "if only people would talk about what's on their mind". we realised that this is so true today. 'class meetings' are our way of ensuring that everyone in class is informed about everything concerned, is updated about latest developments, and gets a chance to express his or her opinion about any issues that the class may be involved in. unfortunately, for whatever reasons, many in the class still seem to be quite hesitant / shy / disinterested / unconcerned about what goes on in the class meetings, and as we've witnesses today, it can lead to a whole lot of issues in the future
photo clicked in january, 2007. we were scheduling out submissions for various subjects by asking everyone in class to vote. third year architecture is the most challenging of all the five years, in ways more than one: there are university exams for the first time, vivas for the first time, a range of new subject, its also the first time when design and technological subjects seem to have some sort of connections, and a time when suddenly your not considered to be a baby in architecture school any more. many people sum up the third year architecture experience as something you wouldn't even want your worst enemy to go through.
fourth year is comparatively lighter, but there surely is work that needs to be done...
note to self: 'Kind Attention - Fourth Year KRVIA' e-mail

3 reactions:

Matthieu said...

Be confident in your capability to pass the 3rd year of study.

Sally said...

Fantastic idea - lots of people look engaged.

Kunal Bhatia said...

@ matthieu: thanks, but i'm in 4th yr now

@ sally: yup, discussions always help in moving things ahead

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