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hindu winter festival of lohri celebrated in mumbai

lohri is a predominantly north indian festival, that marks the last of the coldest days of winter. for those involved in agriculture, it marks the beginning of the harvest season; and as with many other festivals, its celebrated with different names and styles in different regions of the country.

in many of mumbai' residential societies, the festival is celebrated with a bonfire. to the fire are offered quite a few things, the names and significance of which i am not aware of. the celebration in my society this time is a comparatively elaborate affair, complete with two (very loud) punjbai drummers and dinner for all; its being hosted by a punjabi family from the apartment, as its the first lohri of their grandson. i didn't attend the event as i don't agree with the way some things were done. still, it makes for a good daily-photo.

tomorrow is makar sankranti, more popularly identified as the kite-flying festival.

oh, and the lit up tree in the centre of the bottom of the photo is a christmas tree, its decorations haven't been removed yet :)

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J.C. said...

It's my first time I learnt about Lohri! Interesting description. And the photo angle is very chosen. It would be different if you were to take it from the ground level ~ like the guy in yellow, near to the bonfire.

Joy said...

It sounds all so colourful and delightful!

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your footprints behind. Sorry for not dropping by sooner. I was on a course the whole weekend. Do visit again. Have a great start to your week!

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isa said...

No matter what the celebration - it's the color that always jumps off your photographs...

Thanks for visiting me in Naples and pointing out my spelling error - I really appreciate it!
As for the water condominium, it is connected to the parking lot by a bridge and no WaterCar is necessary (that was my little joke!).

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