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on a hiatus :( _but, back in november :)

i have my final thesis jury coming up in a month and a half (yikey yikes!), or so says the buzz. and as hard as it may be, i will have to cut down on diversions. mindless mumbai will be on a hiatus till the end of october. for all the regular readers of the blog: thank you so much for your visits and appreciation.

in the meanwhile, the mindless mumbai archives have a lot of photographs that one can browse through. a couple of way to do this: via the cloud of labels; the drop-down list of posts sorted by date or the pretty versatile search box (all in the sidebar on the right). then there's also the header photos (on the very top of the page) - they cover only a fifth of the total archives, but it's good fun to keep guessing what the complete photo would look like.

i'd end with some very kind words by a photographer-film maker from melbourne, australia:
"Thank you for such beautiful pictures of Mumbai. When I say 'beautiful' I don't mean Katrina Kaif type of pretty. I mean real... such as Gul Panag! It is undoubtedly the best, most revealing, intimate, expressive and honest series of pictures I've seen of Mumbai..."

see you in november.

update, 12oct: seems like mindless mumbai won't be back till 21st nov. in the meanwhile, if you'd like to get in touch, drop me an email at: mindlessmumbai[@]gmail[.]com