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rickshaw sign

rickshaw in mumbai

spotted this sign in the rick's rear-view mirror:


any idea what this can mean? and yes, the last word was "spean"

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Bob Crowe said...

I've been on motorized rickshaws in Delhi, Kathmandu and Bangkok, and found them more-or-less terrifying. No big deal to you, I'm sure.

English is pressed into very unfamiliar shapes all over the world. There is a very funny website of bad English, mostly from Japan, www.engrish.com. I can't even come up with a guess as to what "spean" refers to. English words that sounds somewhat similar don't make sense, either. (Steam, bean, sperm?) I don't speak Maharashtri or any part of HUGME except the E, so I can't tell if it might refer to a local name. Quite a puzzle.

monsoon dreams said...

the guy must have meant 'peace' and asked the sticker wala to give the letters for it.i think so.

Southern Heart said...

I was just going to ask *you* that question! :)

You always have the most interesting posts...

Anonymous said...


Kunterbunt said...

Great view from inside. At first I thought it was a busdriver.

Mo said...

No idea at first glance it looked like sperm.

Kim said...

I've no idea, unless it's a reference to giving a larger tip?
What lens did you use for this shot? It is wonderful!
Seattle Daily Photo

Anonymous said...

Here's another analysis:

1. more love give spean

2. more love gives pain

3. too much love gives pain

4. too much love will kill you

Clearly a "Queen" fan ;-)

Pasadena Adjacent said...

I think it's meant to be spurn
more love give spurn

rant/rave, sing/weep, clap/whack: