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4th yr architecture design competition

competition entries for architecture design competition in mumbai

if you are interested in seeing details, click on the photo, but be prepared for a really large image :)

this was the panel that we had pinned up for yesterday's competition. rohan's work - hybrid communities at kamathipura - is on the left; mine - community enrichment centre at girgaon - is on the right. (i need a better title, but that's another story). we looked around at the entries from all other colleges before the jury, and were quite confident about our work. infact, at the risk of sounding presumptuous, we were quite confident that 20 other entries from our class would have fared better than the entries that were pinned up.
but obviously we knew that winning, actually doing well, would depend entirely on the jurors. if the jurors would be like the ones invited for our college juries, then we would succeed; on the other hand, if they were the 'other type' of jurors, it would be a disaster. we were prepared either for the best or for the worse. surprisingly, we fared somewhere in the middle.
a five star hotel (dypcoa) was judged the best project and a banker's training institute (lsr) won the second position. my project got an 'honourable mention'; while rohan's project was apparently appreciated too.
nevertheless, this was a great experience; right from realizing the implied meaning of "a 4 feet by 4 feet panel" to getting to view the nature of projects in other colleges and their design responses. at the end of the day, we were confident about our design process and glad about the school of thought where we come from; even if it means shrinking drawings to a readable-only-from-3-inches-away scale...

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Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Very nicely done and nicely presented. That's a lot of work. Congratulations on your honorable mention, too bad you didn't win as you probably deserved to!

monsoon dreams said...

congrats,kunal!seems like you have put in a lot of effort.

quintarantino said...

Congratulations. Seems to me you are in the road to sucess!

Sara Hendrix said...

Hello. Thank you for visit. Nice pics.

Amtrips said...

thanx for ur compliment on the sunrise post... well thats pretty funny amongst all ur posts... abt this architect competition... ha..ha... :)

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