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leaving college, late night

leaving college krvia late at night

leaving college late at night. for some reasons, not a single light is left on; so we get down the stairs using light from our cell phones. by now we've memorised the number of steps: 8 risers on each flight from 2nd floor to the 1st and 9 each from 1st to ground floor...
photo is of the college lawn. the triangular bamboo structure is what one of the b.tech. workshop's groups built. some more pix and some info about the workshop on rohan's blog, here and here

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Joy said...

That's a terrific photo. I like the green tone to it. I miss college life!

Yes, I shall post photos inside the Forum.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your footprints behind. Do visit again. Enjoy your Wednesday!

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quintarantino said...

Sorry... I´m not being able to see the photo.

Matthieu said...

The atmosphere looks unrealistic.
One resolution that you should take in 2008 is to leave your college before the arriving of twilight.

pappu poppins said...

it looks ghostly. and obviously anyone who thinks college should be left before twilight hasnt been to architecture school :)
no offence

Kunal Bhatia said...

@ joy: :)

@ quintarantino: sorry, that must be because i was working with the template. you should be able to see all pix now without any hinderance

@ matthieu: leaving college before twilight is highly impossible

@ pappu poppins: lol, but our college is quite ghostly at night, especially with no lights left on

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