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ABOUT MINDLESS MUMBAI: I started Mindless Mumbai as an open-ended attempt to engage with the city, without any fixed agenda or a specific target. The blog seeks all sorts and shades of spaces, characters and experiences that inhabit Mumbai and make it what it is – crazy and dynamic, a stranger and a neighbour, cruel and benevolent, earthy and sublime, urbane and rustic – all at the same time, all rolled into one. Hence the word Mindless – it prefixes Mumbai rather well.
            Over the years I’ve attempted to capture aspects of Mumbai's art, architecture, culture, food, streets, people, signs, festivities etc. In all likelihood, the photo that's been blogged hasn't been clicked on the same day. Instead, the photos are sourced from an archive of images that I have built up over the years. I usually try to post a photo that matches my mood, experience or encounter of that day; but often banality takes over.

A BIT ABOUT ME: I am an architecture student, born in Bombay and now living in Mumbai. Design, photography, travel and writing keep me occupied, optimistic, inspired and alive. I hope to, more sooner than later, work in a design-firm with a three-day weekend, own an L-series lens, backpack across the world, host a travel-show and write a guidebook or two.

GET IN TOUCH: Drop me a line, say hello, rant or rave, ask a question or leave a suggestion - mindlessmumbai[at]gmail[dot]com - and I'll surely respond back to you.

Canon 450D | Canon EF-S 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 | Canon EF 50mm f1.8 | And I sometimes mount the camera on a tripod.

THE TRIPOD TALE: Sometime in mid-2009 I happened to be at a Saturday market in Domodossola, a small town on the Swiss-Italian border. A south-east-Asian guy was selling a tripod for 10€. I was on a tight student-budget and bargained it down to 8.5€.
            It found a place in my rucksack as I backpacked across Europe; got misplaced on the Paris subway, but was located thanks to a very kind aged-couple; and then lost a crucial screw, that was replaced by  a make-shift one from a garden-store in Bern. It now resides in a green carrycase, which the S.E.Asian guy forgot to mention, is quite worn out. It’s precious.

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Nilofar Ansher said...

What a spectacular TreaT your photo-blog is! Where was it hiding all these years. Love your work. You make me miss Mumbai so much, now that I am settled in Hyderabad. Don't ever lose the spirit of inquisitiveness and enthusiasm for Bambai.

Nilofar Ansher

photohogger said...

Hahahha, the tripod tale is priceless! Am going to Scotland and Paris this week - would you say I'd need a tripod? :)

Anonymous said...

Have recently shifted to Mumbai.
Your blog has given me quite a few places (or rather visions) to find here :-)

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