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train snaps - approaching cst

the local railways are mumbai's lifelines, transporting millions of commuters to and fro, between their offices and homes. this turn is just before the harbour line enters cst station

all decked up

a bus at yari road bus depot

BEST is probably the country's best public bus service. if you don't see a red bus on mumbai's streets, then something is wrong, very very wrong. be careful.

when the harbour crosses over the western

this is the bridge via which the harbour line crosses over the western line, so as to move along the eastern edge of the island city. this is just before bandra station

dn road @ 11:15 pm

while returning home from my 2nd yr internship office (indian architect and builder), on the d n road divider

people crossing - churchgate

with many businesses still concentrated in south mumbai, these areas are teeming with people during office hours. i took this shot while waiting in a cab at a signal.

the two men in the middle are shading their eyes against the sun light!