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spiralling down

spiral fire staircase for building

not many buildings in mumbai have a fire staircase. this one, probably built 100 years or so ago, does have one, but its rendered useless, as all the doors opening onto it have been walled off. in any case, looking at its condition, it probably would crumple under the weight of too many people rushing down at the same time.
photo clicked near the gateway of india at colaba
some of my school's old buildings have metal fire-stairs. lets see if i can their photo some time soon
note to self: iv yr: services: fire fighting: high rise bldg design review

10 reactions:

Unknown said...

cartoon!!! too busy uploading images of fire staircase??? come attend services... all romantic notions of beautiful old fire staircases will be destroyed!

Matthieu said...

I am sure that a gifted Architect like you would be able to design a modern up-to-date and safe fire staircase.

Lilly said...

this of course is unsafe, but looks great.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

WOW! What a beautiful photo! SUPER! I really like it!

quintarantino said...

It´s a pity the building is like that. I´m not an architect but I guess you will agree with me that he haves something catchy... maybe it´s the staircase. But I'm with you... those stair would surely crumble down.

• Eliane • said...

Ooops, yep, doors walled off does not facilitate a quick escape. I second quintarantino: it does have a lot of charm. You picked the perfect vantage point to shoot this picture. The spiral looks great from here. I am a tad dizzy as I look at it - as if I was running down those stairs myself.

Dave said...

A very clear photo from a unique angel. You wouldn't find me rushing down them! :-)

yournotalone said...

I have to say I like it a lot. it looks run down, but the stairs are cool

Kunal Bhatia said...

@ krvia 2009: yes yes

@ matthieu: thanks

@ lilly: i agree

@ mary stebbins taitt: thanks!

@ quintarantino: there IS something catchy

@ eliana: i'd be quite dizzy if i had to run down those stairs

@ dave: lol

@ agiars bruvelis: i quite liked it too.. but, are we just romanticizing the stairs a bit too much?

Unknown said...

Where is this place exactly like the proper place as I want this location for a shoot

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