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girgaon... all over again !

the eighth semester design project, stacked amenities in girgaon had gone quite well. got confirmation about the same today.

photo shot from within one of the buildings in girgaon. i like the way the opening frames the other three buildings.
stacked amenities project sheets here
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note to self: list of projects to be put up for coa announced. projects listed marks wise.

4 reactions:

K M F said...

i am first time in your blog i like your all photographs wounderfull
have a nice day

Pasadena Adjacent said...

Hello Kunal,
I'm glad you directed me towards your Mindless Mumbai, although I'd argue that rather then mindless, you've put some thought into this. Yesterday, I was photographing brick work where I live. It had been stacked in a decorative manner that I found appealing. I like the creative use of humble materials. You've photographed brick work that is stacked in a way I've never seen before. Nice.

I'm crazy about the Taraporevala Aquarium. The facade has great expression. I see eyes, clenched teeth and a beard!

monsoon dreams said...

framing looks good.i liked the bright bricks on the left and the texture of the plastered wall on the right.and i always wanted to ask,why have u named ur blog mindless mumbai?

pappu poppins said...

the vivid colours of the bricks is quite stunning

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