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(maternal) grandfather - grandmother park

7 bungalows nana-nani park in mumbai by kunal bhatia

nana-nani parks dot many parts of the city, and are usually the result of some ngo / citizen group / ALM's efforts in adding to the open green spaces. because many of them come up on fragments of land that may have originally been dumping grounds / barren fields, these parks are of varying forms. like this one, in 7 bungalows; at 250 long and 8 metres wide, this park is sandwiched by roads on both sides, and was granted permission to be built, only on the condition that the municipal corporation can break it down to expand the road, as and when required. it charges 2 rs as an entry fee that helps maintain the walking track and the greenery. of course there is the debate of parks being open to all sections of society, and whether they should charge any entry fee at all, but that calls for a separate post
"nana-nani park" translate to grandpa-grandma parks...the maternal ones, to be more precise
i'm exhausted right now, so apologies if the above description was incoherent. have a construction submission on thursday, a design jury on friday and a thesis jury on saturday. won't be able to visit any cdpb blogs till the weekend. have fun photo-blogging everybody...
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quintarantino said...

A vedry nice park. Pity it is built under that condition.
Hope you manage to do well on all those works. I'm sure you will.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to know that citizen groups are engaging in city greening projects. Do you know NGOs/citizen groups involved in this kind of work in Mumbai or other Indian cities? Information would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Southern Heart said...

That is a really lovely park in that photo, and I enjoyed reading about it. I love the way you use lighting in your photos.

I hope that this week goes well for you. I'm sending lots of good thoughts your way! :)

Daniel J Santos said...

One great photo with lots of colors, well done.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

I'd call it a sliver park. There is a movement in Los Angeles to reclaim our river that was encased in conrete by the army core of engineers decades ago. Tiny bits of land that escaped development are being transformed into what we call "pocket parks". I've posted images related to the river in my blog.
Hope your trials went well. Presently, I've got a client presentation come Tuesday. Truly, I shouldn't be blogging but....

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