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samovar restaurant at jehangir art gallery in mumbai by kunal bhatia

samovar at jehangir art gallery. though i know nothing about its past, i find it a bit over rated. its a very popular joint though. they seem to even have a book on the making / continuing of the restaurant. the waiters kind of reminded me of koshy's in bangalore... and i don't think bhugra-channa go down very well with beer

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Jazzy said...

very colourful.
i love the way you put your sign 'mindless mumbai' on the photos =)

Isadora said...

I don't know if it is a bad day or just the heat but the waiter looks exhausted and the poor woman on the right in the foreground looks utterly miserable. :( In fact, I don't feel that any of these people are having much fun.

quintarantino said...

In spite all the colors, I really think either people were afraid of having their photo taken or weren´t having that much fun.

srivashist said...

hey bro,
my first post here...
just tht every time i leave wid out leavin a comment i dunno why but i dont feel like leavin 1... but the way u have writin mindless mumbai on the waiters tray made me!!!!

amazin job catchin the sights n sounds..

ROCK ON!!!!!!

Srivashist Sekar (HMPS)

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