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vihar lake

vihar lake in mumbai by kunal bhatia

photo of vihar lake, as seen from the bahndup water treatment plant. mumbai is perhaps the only metropolis in the world to have a national park within the city limits. the borivali national park is home to incredible diversity of flora and fauna, including some big wild cats, along with three lakes: vihar, powai and tulsi. this photo is a complete contrast to what i had posted for the feb theme day about what people think, when they think of mumbai. see that pic here .

3 reactions:

quintarantino said...

Good shooting angle.

Kunterbunt said...

That 's very good to have such a big park 'in' the city. And it's a wonderful photo with the leaves making a great foreground for the silvery water.

 gmirage said...

Yes, I agree with the foreground leaves. Is it raining there? The sky seems dark.

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