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class t-shirt

krvia batch of 2009 class t-shirt

we finally got our class t-shirts today!!! we ordered them in two colours, black and white; with the same graphic and line on each. the graphic is an image of all that are / have been a part of our class.

we had originally used this composition for the cover page of our 3rd yr theory-of-design book on our families' stories of mumbai (can see some pages of this book in my other blog, here). the original image was worked on many many times over (by manmohit, aparna, maitri, saurabh with inputs from many of us) before we finalised on this....

and then last week saurabh and maitri got around to ordering, collecting money and finally distributing the t-shirts. three cheers for them !!! the photo session that followed the distribution, was crazy, as always...

the line on the back reads:
if you cant dazzle them with brilliance
baffle them with bullshit

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Southern Heart said...

LOL...that's a great slogan! (and both my sons' mantra, I'm guessing). The girls are pretty, too.

Andrea said...

Oh my........I am speechless. LOL

quintarantino said...

Those are great t-shirts. Are you selling them?

alice said...

Like Quintarantino, I'd want to know if They are on sale? I'd love the idea and this photo!

Slogan Murugan said...

Off topic: (Comment on sloganmurugan)
Yes. I prefer Mumbai to Bangalore. More photo ops there than here.

I use a Canon a530, it's a simple point and shoot which I always carry in my pocket. I click on my way to work and back, everyday. Just like you, I try to update my blog daily and that's a lot of photos over a year's period.

I have two photoblogs because I wanted to archive my pics better. One for Bangalore. One for my out of town.

The third one is for my writing and one is not usually updated.

I use Picasa to enhance some of the pictures, that's about it. I dont have to do much because we live in the most colourful part of the world... don't we?


Bob Crowe said...

Kunal - thank you for your comment on my post about the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. I think it looked more dramatic than usual because the Missouri had ice in it that day and the Mississippi did not.

My wife and I visited Varanasi several years ago (we have been to India twice). It gave me one of the strongest memories on my life, a pre-dawn ride in a small rowboat on the Ganga. I remember all the little candles in paper cups floating down the river and what I thought as I set mine into the stream; the sunrise over the flat, empty land east of the river and how the magnificent buildings on the west side glowed; and all of the devout people coming down the ghats to bathe in the holy river. It was a very powerful experience.

The picture in this post is very funny, especially for me. I am a lawyer and this saying is something we all learn in law school - not from the professors, of course - or in our early days in practice. I'd bet almost every American lawyer knows it.


Amtrips said...

ha...ha... great saying... infact if people hav it as there mantra, i swear no shitty problems would ever crop up in anyone's life.

and yea... ur class mates are pretty beautiful... should try in india peagant than in architecture field(joking :p)

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

The bullshit thing always worked for me when I was in college, LOL!

Good luck with everything!

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