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all set, and ready to go

ready to go

well, mindless mumbai is here with a revamped look for 2008:
- the template has been tweaked to allow for larger display of photographs on the main page itself
- an option to follow / bookmark / favourite this blog with all the popular websites (del.icio.us, technorati, digg, facebook etc): see RHS bar
- translate the blog in 8 languages: see RHS bar
- a new rating system to rate each individual photograph (example: see the stars at the end of this post) and another to give an overall rating to the blog: see RHS bar
- a new chat box, for anyone to leave a message: see RHS bar
- a new randomly generated header image snippet, clicking on the snippet will take you to the random post: see top most bar
- and obviously, a new photograph every single day

have a great 2008!!!

photo clicked at chor bazaar, neighbourhood kids riding a parked scooter; credit goes to kalpit ashar for urging me to take this photo

14 reactions:

Kabir said...



known unknown said...

I like ur Snaps.... Graet Dude ..Keep Goin!!

Anonymous said...

Fascinating photography. I like your design too.

alaya said...

is it a bajaj? they sell bajaj motorcyle too here but not that kind, the pulsar one.

Anamika said...

heyy, the pics look great in this format.. and the black background does justice to any pic..

can you use a thin frame around the pictures? I think that'll do only good things to the pic, but the prerogative is yours, of course..

Rick Whitman said...

Excellent layout; the black background really enhances the excellent photography! The phooto of kids on the parked scooter is really neat -- it made me smile as I remembered my own kids playing with my motorcycle.

ft. lauderdale daily photo said...

Love the new format, and this photo is so fantastic. I look forward to visiting your site in 2008!

Ioanna said...

Wonderful photo!
I like your blog generally!
Happy new year!:)

Sally said...

Oh, I hope the scooter is parked! Otherwise I worry about those beautiful beautiful children !

Mo said...

Great photo!

Antonia said...

wonderful photo! I like the joy in the eyes of the girl in front!

muthiahs blogspace said...

nice pics man
especially the first and the last one

kunal bhatia said...

@ kabir: thanks

@ known unknown / kalpit: thanks. your comments mean a lot...

@ oldmanlincoln: thanks! i spent nearly two days tweaking the format, and re-learning a lot of html in the process

@ alaya: yup, its a bajaj

@ anamika: i agree about the black bg, and i'm going to try the white frames some time...

@ rick whitman: thanks. a black bg does help bring out the photographs

@ ft. lauderdale daily photo: thanks, and do keep visiting

@ ioanna: thanks, do keep visiting often...

@ sally: worry not, the scooter was parked. everyone else on the road would have freaked out other wise.

@ mo: thanks!

@ antonia: thanks! and the first girl sure has a determined look in her eyes...

@ muthiahs blogspace: thanks!

Umesh Pherwani said...

nice capture.

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