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girgaon.. yet again

girgaon chawl common passage interior mumbai

another one of the chawls in girgaon... i guess i'll never grow tired of these spaces. even randomly clicked pictures here capture a lot in the frame.
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come to think of it, if there have been just two previous posts about girgaon, then there have been too few... you can expect more in the coming days :)

5 reactions:

Web-OJ said...

Isin't that a crow on the clothesline? No crows in Kuwait. Did you click from inside the house?

Anonymous said...

hi there, Your pictures are really nice. They are soo sharp.

Wat lenses are these?? Did u shoot em wid a std 35mm or did u use sme other type of lens. Also ur camera must b excellent. Which one is it ? do lemme know...Am a budding photographer too...thanx!!

Kunal Bhatia said...

@ web-oj: ya, that does seem like a crow on the clothesline. on the other hand, it could be a pigeon too, i'm not so sure

photohogger said...

I quite like this shot...serene.

Thanks for your comments on my blog Kunal - consider yourself bookmarked as well!


Anonymous said...

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