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on the median

sitting on the road divider in churchgate mumbai
what do we do when we've got to wait for someone? we sit right on the divider ofcourse!

after 4 years of being in krvia, we have the confidence to seat ourselves on any seat-able surface. this includes foot paths, bus roofs, chajjas (concrete weather shades over windows) and now road dividers
at churchgate, while waiting for the rest of the class and the group from u.k. to return. from l-r: divya, saloni & jeet

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Web-OJ said...

This is what I love about Mumbai... we can do anything any where.

Jeet looks a little shy. Heh! Heh!

Kunal Bhatia said...

@ web-oj: ya, well.... i was half-expecting a passer-by to yell at us; but as long as you don't interfere in someone else's business, no one will bother about what you do... and, i'll tell jeet so..

Aaron Fine said...

Mr. Bhatia,

I am an art professor in the States, coming to Mumbai for a couple months this week, and studying political graphics. I am especially interested in the hand-painted variety. Anything from announcements of "Great India" on the backs of lorries to Political party proclamations on walls, to graffitti/protest.

I wonder if you might be able to help me? Perhaps you know where some good subjects are located. Perhaps you have already photographed some. This is a non-profit enterprise but there is some budget to pay for services. You can contact me through my website aaronfineart.com and you can learn about me there or at art.truman.edu/faculty.asp

thanks for your blog!

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