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mumbaidevi mandir

the shikhar (spire) of the mumbaidevi temple in the background on the right, with the intersection of mumbadevi marg and abdul rehman street in the foreground.

mumbadevi temple is one of the sites for the steel workshop, a joint exercise between us and a group of students from nottingham university, uk. once they go back home, these sites will be subsequently used by them for their design project over the next semester. bustling is a good word for the streets in this area. poor joe didn't know what to click on site today, in his words, there was just too much happening all around for him to think rationally...

2 reactions:

Web-OJ said...

That's a nice angle.

Kunal Bhatia said...

@ web-oj: thanks, its always great to photograph such areas from the terraces of surrounding buildings

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