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golden leaves

tree by night by kunal bhatia
a tree, under a street light
previous photos shot at night on the streets:
walkathon ; past midnight, wet road, warm light ; dn road @ 11:15 pm ; lighting up the dark
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post title changed from "yellow leaves" to "golden leaves" on srivashist sekar's suggestion

3 reactions:

Anonymous said...

first things first... i am addicted to ur photo-blog!!!

hmm.. the display pic is awesome...

n this pic would have been better tittled 'golden leaves'?? just a tought... all in all a superb pic!!!

Srivashist Sekar

Kits said...

U got wot I have been itching to take fr millennia. My stupeed camera just doesn't get the shot right or I am screwing up in some way of course! Its a super shot..I have been trying to capture the green and the gold for ages..Shall report back when it gets done properly :D

pappu poppins said...

when were u at dn road past midnight??? what fun!!!!

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