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raw mangoes

raw mangoes by kunal bhatia
mangoes are here, well almost here. had the seasons first aam-ras today, though it was a market-one, not the home made one. the home made ras tastes infinitely better. this is a photo from last summer, kaccha kairis grown by nana. we couldn't wait till they would ripen as passer bys would pluck them off the tree with a stone / ball. but the kairis made for yummy pickles!
aam-ras = mango pulp; relished along with puris. puris are, well, a sort of fried bread?
kazccha kairis = raw mangoes
seems like i forgot to add 'mindless mumbai' to this photo...
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4 reactions:

sonia a. mascaro said...

I have on ny yard two mango's tree. Love mangos!

Amtrips said...

hey seems u forgot to put ur tag.. ny ways a pic.. i m sure my husband will be crazy if he sees. he is freaky with mangoes... :)

 gmirage said...

We have this falling down on the ground back in the Philippines, here they cost 2euros a piece, imported and ain't so good tasting =(

J.C. said...

In fact I prefer your photos without the "mindless mumbai" tagging, Kunal.

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