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9819511886 - cant think of a better title

flats on sale sign in mumbai by kunal bhatia
at juhu versova link road. half of yari road seems to be house hunting. and good old laid back yari road is on its way to become high rise, overtly conscious, loud music loving lokhandwala
photo id: 10753
posting after a week. just got done with a major jury, which for the record was a no-jury. exams from next week, got to open books this week.... sighs....

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MumbaiiteAnu said...

Wish you all the best for your exams.

 gmirage said...

exams again! =)

magiceye said...

:) good one!

wish you al;l the best for your exams! do well!

Anonymous said...

Wish you weel for all of them!

J.C. said...
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J.C. said...

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