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rickshaw sign #3

sign in a rickshaw by kunal bhatia

sign in a rickshaw:
phool hai, gulab ka khushboo liya karo
gaadi hai, garib ka kiraya diya karo

it translates to:
if its a flower, take in the scent of the rose
if its a rick, pay the fare to the poor

i didn't quite get the lines though; its not as if in mumbai you need to haggle with the rickshaw drivers about the fare; unlike in bangalore.

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4 reactions:

Daniel J Santos said...

Great photo, well catch.

Amtrips said...

yea thats a great shot ... but a bit to the left u could hav shown the photographer also in the rear mirror.. ha,... ha... well i at times get bugged doing jhik jhik to b lore auto drivers... some are junk and weirdos.. for a distance which costs just 14 bugs at times they charge so high... :(


keep going


Anonymous said...

Great quote!

SachinRB said...

I have to say that being a genuine Mumbaiite and not having been there for 13 years just kills and all I have left is vivid memories of summer trips there (coz I grew up in Dubai), plus it doesn't help that I am have been in Dallas for the past 9 years.

So you see, when I came across this blog, I was (and still am) extremely thrilled to see REAL pics of the REAL Mumbai that I miss. You're doing a fantastic job with them - keep 'em coming.

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