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holi hai

holi colours and baloons by kunal bhatia

today and tomorrow is holi (a hindu festival of colours), and all the shops are stocked up with water guns, water balloons and of course the powdered colours. inspite of all the new colours, i think gulal still works best
(gulal is a shade of pink / red)
wishing everyone a fantastic holi!

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Anonymous said...

Wow. The colors in this photos are a riot.

Have a nice holiday weekend.

Abraham Lincoln

Tee said...

Kunal, I love your pictures. More than those, I love how you place your name in the picture. It's become a daily 'Where's Waldo' sorts game for me :o)

Pasadena Adjacent said...

Hello Kunal
Come visit my site, My blog is up and running. I'd love to have a blog where my pictures showed up large like yours. Did you play with the code?

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