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theme day: funny signs

funny sign in an auto rickshaw in mumbai by kunal bhatia

this is the sign in the auto-rickhshaw's rear view mirror:

i have no idea what it means. i had first posted this photo in january 2008 and a couple of people tried to decipher the meaning. view that post and its comments here and perhaps you can come up with a better explanation.

this post is for the june 2010 theme day: "funny signs" at city daily photo. click here to view theme-photos from cities across the globe

8 reactions:

B SQUARED said...

Thankfully, he's a bad speller.

yogesa said...

Ha ha.... weird...

Unknown said...

I just love the old tuk tuks! In Thailand they are replacing them for new ones and they are not half as funny... I've never visited Mumbai but in northern cities I took these every day! :-)

Kat said...

hmm... could somehow he mean tips? It would make sense in context -- if not in word choice. I love tuk tuks, too. I recently took a ride in one in Mysore driven by "the mysore tiger" as he called himself. It was the scariest, but most fun ride I ever had.

Oya said...

Greetings from Istanbul, thanks for visiting my blog:)

Kunal Bhatia said...

@ b. squared - possible, but i should have asked him about it, im sure there would be some interesting story behind this

@ yogesh - indeed!

@ JM - they are a part of daily life here, can't do without 'em

@ kat - perhaps, but i have my doubts

@ oya - likewise :)

Slogan Murugan said...

It's as confusing as love. Super find.

Anonymous said...

maybe im wrong but it says "more love give sperm?"

rant/rave, sing/weep, clap/whack: