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in praise of haji ali

Qawali singers at the Haji Ali shrine in Mumbai by Kunal Bhatia. Islamic place of worship in Mumbai. Religion. Photograph.

for all its fame, success, power and peace mumbai/mumbaikars often turn to the almighty in temples, churches, mosques and often a combination of all three. the haji ali dargah located on a little islet of the worli coast is popular with the devoted, cutting across religious lines. here sufi musicians perform qawali, a devotional form of music. the setting with views of the city skyline, the lapping waves and the soulful renderings make for an engaging performance.

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arabesque said...

i used to listen to qawali songs eventho, i don't have any idea what it's about. ^0^ it somehow eases tension and is relaxing.

rant/rave, sing/weep, clap/whack: