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truck loads of crap

frustrated expression in mumbai park by kunal bhatia

as if moving houses, shoping and packing for the upcoming trip, and working for the vivas wasn't enough; the attitudes, assumptions, callousness, behaviour, carelessness, and .... of a certain person have been annoying me to no end. and i'm so tired of it.

and the issue, as i see it, is going to drag on... but now i couldn't care less, i've been as understanding as i could be, and as considerate as i should have been; beyond this i'm a scorpion, and i've been forced to sting...

in the photo: divya; location: juhu joggers park; july 2007


photo id: 7607

3 reactions:

Quintarantino said...

What happened? Did you do something wrong and she is angry with you?

Kunal Bhatia said...

Nope, it's in fact the complete opposite of that.

And its not related to the person in the photo at all. The photo was just clicked on one lazy evening when we had nothing better to do except to make faces :)

Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo said...

I can completely relate to this photo!

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