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so-near, yet-so-far

kanchenjunga by kunal bhatia

mindless mumbai recently moved, and now i've got to follow suit. we've got to move out from our current place, to a temporary one for some time. and we've been hunting, and hunting, and hunting some more, for a suitable place. and we've not had much success yet, but have come across the most interesting landlords, existing tenants, flat layouts, flat locations and of-course, quoted prices. hopefully things shall get sorted soon. see related post here.


this photo is of charles correa's kanchenjunga residential apartment building at peddar road, almost all of it hidden by the tree... much like how it seems to us students, too many barriers for us to be let in and see the building from inside


photo id: 10739


note to self: fiasco X 3 (4 bungalows, off yari rd, yari rd)

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Janet said...

Moving is never fun and this photo does an excellent job of capturing the dilemma you find yourself in at the moment. Good luck with the apartment hunting and finding something that is reasonably prices, clean and well-lit, safe, and not too far from work or school!

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