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been working hard

working hard on a building by kunal bhatia

welocome to the new mindless mumbai website. mindless mumbai is a daily photo-blog from mumbai, india. and it's no longer going to continue on blogger; instead, it's got its own domain now:

some things remain unchanged: a photo a day (well, almost every day!) and a little bit about the photo.

but there are a couple of new features:
- there's an improved way to browse through the archives: by tag words (quite similar to the 'labels' here) and categories (if you're looking for photos with some specific characteristic)
- there's a random option, to view a random photo from the archive, and a mosaic option, to view the photos, sorted yearly in a mosaic format
- also being tested is a map system, which'll point out where in mumbai the photo was taken; along with a superset map, with all the positions of all the photos marked out

special thanks to vachan, partly for the hosting; and more so for finding out, installing and helping out with a lot of options meant specifically for photoblogs.

i've been working on the new site's layout and design for a few days now. bouquets and brickbats, both are equally welcome.

and, a big thanks to all visitors so far; especial thanks to fellow CDPB-loggers for being the inspiration to post daily. hope you'll continue visit us at our new location.
psst: and do update your links / blog-rolls too. thanks!

note of caution: much as i have worked on the html coding and css stylesheet of this new domain over the past few days, there are some things that i have just not been able to tweak. so don't be too critical if you come across some text / graphics / layout / borders / fonts that aren't too easy on the eye :)
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Rounak said...

Started small; but i see this has already grown quite a bit.
Really nice work
(im talking abt the website itself)
At first i'd say 'black is not good for a website' buuut it works noticably well in this case. Gives it a professional look.

now... about the PIC...
really caught that at the right time, what i like most abt it is the way u've blended in 'mindless mumbai' into the pic... on the wooden beams

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