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photo copying xerox machine in juhu scheme in mumbai by kunal bhatia photo blog

at the local xerox-wallah. the correct term would be photo-copier, but in india the 'xerox' company's name is generified to the act of photo-copying. wallah is a common suffix in hindi applied to all sorts of characters - vendors, handymen etc. so we have a chabi-wallah (the guy who makes spare keys), phal-wallah (a fruit seller), band-wallahs (a music-band group), photo-wallahs at many tourist places and so on.

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magiceye said...

beautifully done with well defined shades!

Umesh Pherwani said...

well written.

arabesque said...

i am intrigue by his gold watch. ^0^
tnx to slumdog, i now know what wallah means and
tnx for explaining it further.

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