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romancing the rails

andheri railway station in mumbai by kunal bhatia photoblog train photos railways railway stations tracks rail bahn

rail journeys hold a special place in my heart. i can never tire of the peculiarities of routes and journeys, people and places, signboards and directions, passes and timetables, times and delays, sounds and sights..

im beginning a new photo series - of trains, tracks, trams and tubes across india & europe. updated weekly, one can view and comment on the photos on my facebook page: facebook.com/kunalbhatia.photography

ps - no login nor a facebook account is required to view the photos
pps - all kinds of feedback is welcome

6 reactions:

Mirage said...

hey kunal! back to blogging and photography? great! lovely series you're putting up!

seetheworld said...

beautiful photo. The colour really suits this.

Oakland Daily Photo said...

Great idea for a series. Lots of nostalgia built into rail travel, don't you think?

Boom Nisanart said...

This is wonderful ! ...love this posted a LOTS !!!!

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arabesque said...

a very nostalgic and beautifully captured foto.
i've never been to mumbai, but looking at your daily posts makes me
want to visit the place. ^0^

Kunal Bhatia said...

@mirage: thank you :) glad to find you stopping by mindless mumbai
@seetheworld: thanks :)
@oakland daily photo: absolutely, loads of nostalgia in rail travel indeed.
@boomnisanart: thanks
@arabesque: im glad that mindless mumbai photos are tempting you to visit mumbai.

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