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mindless mumbai featured in daily news and analysis, india

mindless mumbai featured in a newspaper dna india by kunal bhatia photo blog

mindless mumbai was featured in daily news & analysis, an indian national daily on 18th aug, 2010. if you've been in touch with me on my facebook page you may know of this already. if not, i was to blog about this a while ago, but was caught up with jury work. so here it is now.

and since a couple of people have asked me - someone from the DNA team must have stumbled upon mindless mumbai; i did not contact them. they sent me an email the previous evening saying that they'd be featuring it. the column in which it appears is a weekly column that lists blogs related to mumbai. it comes every wednesday on page 4 of the main supplement.

4 reactions:

arabesque said...

congrats kunal! ^0^
i hope your photoblog will be featured more.
well deserving! ^-^

Anonymous said...

Check you out! congratulations, well deserved

Umesh Pherwani said...

CONGRATS ,may the tribe of photo bloggers grow.

Kunal Bhatia said...

@ all: Thank you for the appreciation :)

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