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love and the city #5 - coupling away at marine drive

three couples in love at marine drive in space starved mumbai by kunal bhatia mumbai photo blog

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and i know that i've gone a little overboard with the watermarks on this one. but when the biggest media houses in the country calmly siphon off photos from the net without any sort of credit, one can't help but be paranoid.

* the nicer ones

3 reactions:

Vinithra. said...

I actually love the view of the city on the other side. Looks cool.

arabesque said...

i don't mind the h2omarks, that i totally understand. ^0^
someone did that to my foto the 1st few weeks i started posting.
i love this series btw,
always romantic to look at.

HOGGER + Co. said...

Hahaha, yep, this is such a romantic spot, popular in my parents day as well!

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