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bussed up

transport bus on mumbai streets by mumbai india photographer blogger kunal bhatia blog

somewhere in midc, andheri-e.

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Siddhartha Joshi said...

I like it...an ordinary scene looks interesting due to a good composition :)

Unknown said...

:) interesting one

Thanks for Sharing


Mayank said...

Hi Kunal, It took me an hour to travel to work today morning (supposedly an off for some), a distance which if stretched hard wouldnt be more than 6 kms. It is painful to see the condition of roads, half dug trenches, stones / metal rods lying in the middle of road, Autorikshaws that stop in the lanes to seek business, motorcycles that twist and turn as if they are in a circus and bus & lorries who believe they have right to bully just because they are bigger in size. Pathetic conditions - having seen few other countries in South Asia (most of them still developing), i have to admit ours is the worst. God Bless mumbai and people who walk or drive on roads - they probably spend more time there than with their 3 year old kids. :-(

Anonymous said...

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