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where do you feel like going today?

signboards signage signs of doctors dentists labs clinics in mumbai by kunal bhatia

cosmetologists, pulmonologist, surgeons, skin specialists, sex therapist and marriage counsellor - all under one roof.

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Craig (notes from the cape) said...

Good grief, you are well covered medically at that place! It reminds me of this doctor, who could fix anything :-)

Sanjana M said...

Beautiful photograph!

Do have a look at my blof when you get the time -

Krunal said...

Excellent pictures throughout your blog, you've done an excellent job in capturing the spirit of the city

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Rob Siemann said...

OMG, I'll make sure to be in Mumbai next time I get sick!

Indian Bazaars said...

Such a good observation. Liked the title of your blogpost!

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