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one part follows another

truck on a road in mumbai by kunal bhatia

when one story ends, the other one will surely begin; probably not as soon as we’d desire but not as late as we’d imagine either…
the blog isn’t quite what i want it to be yet, but nevertheless, i felt that it was a good time to get back to posting photos. i shall continue to work on the template, hopefully. mindless mumbai has been pretty much out of action since the last few months - its actually been around 6 months since the regularly posts stopped. i am not even in mumbai at present, but still feel the desire to get back to regular posting. perhaps its the fact that i’m not going to be in mumbai for the remainder of the year that is pushing me to get back to posting pics - this is as good a time as any other. also, even though i am not going to be in mumbai till jan 2010 - save for a week at the end of may - i’m going to rely entirely on my archive of mumbai images to feed the post. ofcourse, i shall try to match the photo to what i’ve experienced during that day / to what my mood has been / to the situations, people and places that i’ve encountered or to those that i’ve been remembering…

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