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rakhis for raksha bandhan for sale in mumbai by kunal bhatia

today is rakhi / raksha bandhan. for those who didn't get the last three words, here are a few links about the festival: a, b and c. (the links btw, are the first ones that google threw up, i have no idea about the content on those pages.) as with most of the festivals that we celebrate, there are many adaptations, permutations, explanations etc with this one too. conventionally, the 'ritual' involves a sister tying a thread on to her brother's hand (raksha - protection; bandhan - bond), it's supposed to symbolise the sister praying for the brother's well being, and the brother in turn 'protecting' his sister. speaking of adaptations, one part of my family has a tradition of daughter's tying rakhis to their father

what it boils down to for us, is to spend a few hours with the cousins, whom we other wise rarely meet; get a couple of rakhis, while hoping that none of them are outlandish (the simpler ones with just a few beads, and a monochrome red colour thread are way nicer!), have a hearty breakfast and get going with the day.

and, havelis deck up the lord, with rakhis on his hand too. btw, i didn't post yesterday, but what i want to do the next independence day is to borrow some one's camera phone, and click a photo in the haveli at juhu. the gods wear the indian flag colours on independence day!

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Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo said...

Oh the colours!!!!!!!! What a briliiant image!

AllScoop said...

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