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but where will the hose go?

in all probability the fire hydrant was already non-functional, but with the foot path level raised to such a height, how will the hose get connected? maybe with the next round of foot path repairs, the hydrant will completely disappear below the footpath...

pic shot at marine drive, while on internship work

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Kunal Bhatia said...

kunal bhatia said...

saurabh said
hey, damn good photo, we happened to do a painting showing the hydrant buried deep down in the ground to be found in some excavation !

kunal said
November 04, 2007
slim said...

I see what you mean about your hydrants being rendered useless. I guess we're lucky the city fire department takes care and maintains ours. When the snow gets really deep some years, good citizens will shovel them out ;)
January 19, 2008

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